What is Loyalty Wallet?

Loyalty Wallet, the next generation loyalty and marketing solution helping businesses to grow and customers to derive long lasting benefits from businesses, is introducing ARAW token, its new virtual currency and creating a value-focused, digital-based rewards system that will outperform traditional rewards programmes. With ARAW Token and our loyalty platform, we are breaking down the bridges and allowing customers and businesses to do business across several industries without restriction.



Customer Analytics

Keep track of your loyal customers, their points and redemptions in real time.

Customer Insight Dashboard

Connect in real time to the customer information and turn those insights into more sales and customer loyalty.


Your own branded loyalty card. Put your brand in your customer’s pockets with your own digital loyalty card.

Increase your revenues with new and loyal customers

Engage and reward your customers. Set up ‘Welcome’ bonuses to provide instant engagement in your reward scheme and get new customers.

Know your customers better and bring them back to your business

Distinguish between Dormant and Loyal customers, and send right offer to right customers.

In-Store Marketing

We provide in-store marketing meterial to promote your digital loyalty program among your customers.


Start earning and redeeming rewards from your favourite businesses

When you sign up to your Loyalty Wallet dashboard, you can discover incredible rewards from thousands of businesses near you.

Your rewards, your check-ins

Redeem your rewards, not just in the business place you shopped in, but across a variety of other businesses. You choose where to redeem your reward.

Offers for all

You get the best offers for you. Surf through the best offers in various categories you want and get the benefits on the go.

Deals starting at best prices

Featured deals for your favourite business starting at the best prices. Choose your deal, pay and redeem at store. You can earn and also save for a deal.

Super search for personlaised experience

Search through app to get the best offer, deal and right business for you. Always with the best result with your history of searches.


Connect with your customers for a
relationship that endures.

Give your customers more personalized experiences - both in and out of
store - and see your revenue double from returning customers.

You sign them up. We bring them back.

Define Your Loyalty Scheme

You know your business and your customers best. Choose a loyalty program that’s right for both. Our loyalty experts will design a customized loyalty program that fits perfectly with your business and resonates with your customers.

Design Your Loyalty Cards

Choose from a selection of loyalty card templates that align with your type of business or let us create a custom loyalty card design that fits seamlessly with your brand.

Promote Your Loyalty Scheme

We provide you with promotional material to promote your program in-store. Advertise and market your loyalty program to your new and existing customers to generate interest increase return visits.

Earn and redeem rewards from
your favourite businesses.

Discover incredible rewards from thousands of businesses near you.

Ready. Check-in. Go.

  • Download
    Loyalty Wallet App

  • Select The Business
    And Check-In

  • Get Rewards
    And Redeem

Love Business. Love Rewards. Love Loyalty Wallet

  • All your loyalty cards in one App.
  • Go Green (no more paper/plastic cards)
  • Check-in/redeem at your favorite locations.
  • Explore LoyaltyWallet businesses near you.
  • Become eligible for incredible offers.

Loyalty Program Facts

  • A 5 percent increase in customer loyalty will increase the average profit per customer by 25 to 100 percent.
  • Every Business Needs Loyal Customers. Loyal consumers buy 90% more often, spend 60% more per transaction and are five times more likely to return to your business.
  • Retailers face a daunting challenge in terms of understanding which new retail strategies offer the biggest payback. LoyaltyWallet helps you to refine loyalty programs on the fly that works best for your customers.
  • 80% of all retailers offer loyalty programs, however, two-thirds of them are ineffective, which explains why only 12% to 15% of customers are loyal to retailers. LoyaltyWallet helps you to bring your customers back again and again.

Our Blogs

  • Taking Ecommerce to the Next Level with Loyalty Wallet

    Taking Ecommerce to the Next Level with Loyalty Wallet

    The face of ecommerce, here defined as the purchases and sale of goods and services, or the transmitting of data or funds, over an electronic network (mainly the internet) is changing. Whether occurring as business-to-consumer, consumer-to-business, business-to-business, or as consumer-to-consumer transactions, customer loyalty and the corresponding rewards are drastically changing the way ecommerce is done.

  • The overview of the loyalty program industry

    The overview of the loyalty program industry

    Loyalty programs in the e-commerce industry are particularly developed to reward clients on any purchase, referrals or other useful act and to offer them some motivation for purchases made. Therefore, a reward program allows upselling, retention, referrals, and activation along with the provision of a strong offer with value to the merchants. Typically, a loyalty program is made up of a lot of parameters that are operational including but not limited to funding options, program design, and transaction types.

  • LOYALTY WALLET AND ARAW TOKEN – Creating A Loyalty Enabled Ecommerce World

    LOYALTY WALLET AND ARAW TOKEN – Creating A Loyalty Enabled Ecommerce World

    Customer retention is one of the vital factors that has a long lasting impact on business growth, and this is why companies are conceptualizing and deploying various customer loyalty programmers to drive customer engagement and stickiness.

  • The ARAW Token- Mission to introduce AI Powered system

    The ARAW Token- Mission to introduce AI Powered system

    Retail e-commerce is one of the biggest revenue making sectors. E-commerce market is gradually being transformed by AI and cryptocurrency blockchain platform. This innovative and technological and scientific burst through have opened the doors for huge data discovery, transfer and utilization in the retail to boost leads and to find the best deal on products. With this big data and open source ecommerce, it is now possible to have AI powered interactions with customers that involve product proposal, customized searches and even personal assistance.

  • The ARAW Token: The importance of cryptocurrency in unified reward system

    The ARAW Token: The importance of cryptocurrency in unified reward system

    One of the most important and often used metrics for measuring today's retail ecommerce success is the customer loyalty and reward program. Nowadays, virtually all the retail and e-commerce stores use some sort of loyalty reward programs; either to reward the existing customers or woo the potential ones. As a result, the loyalty and reward programs have spread across different industries including but not limited to financial services, travel, and retail.



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