The ARAW Token- Mission to introduce AI Powered system

The ARAW Token- Mission to introduce AI Powered system

Retail e-commerce is one of the biggest revenue making sectors. E-commerce market is gradually being transformed by AI and cryptocurrency blockchain platform. This innovative and technological and scientific burst through have opened the doors for huge data discovery, transfer and utilization in the retail to boost leads and to find the best deal on products. With this big data and open source ecommerce, it is now possible to have AI powered interactions with customers that involve product proposal, customized searches and even personal assistance.

Arawcoin has been exploring, blockchain open source, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and digital marketing manager techniques for several years. We believe AI will transform the e-commerce and retail industry in remarkable ways in the coming years and we’re pressing forward in the field through our varied research on AI Science, AI Engineering, and AI Tech. Araw token has emerged as a top product of our research.

As a result of this new development, the competition amongst the e-commerce brands has become more aggressive than ever, not merely in terms of the business generated, but more so about acquisition and retention of customers. With increase in the number of E-commerce brand, customers and other factors like customer retention strategies, customer loyalty cards, best loyalty programs, customer loyalty programs, loyalty rewards program, retail loyalty programs and so on multiplying in an exponential rate, the e-commerce websites are in a aggressive jostle to get stay ahead in the competition.

By learning from the past consumer behavior and interactions, the majorities of e-commerce companies have now realized that their best bet to be ahead on the competition is to be customer centric.  This is what Araw token AI powered system with the native currency Araw token is set to help you achieve in your business.

This means that as an e-commerce company, you need to be able to serve every single customer with amplified, customized personal attention, as they would do to them when they visit brick and mortar retail shops. We are going to give you the tool you need to achieve this at our Araw token initial coin offering and token sale event.

To help e-commerce businesses stay on top of the competition, whether it is to create such highly personalized experiences that merge the personal feel of an in-store experience with hassle-free and convenience of online shopping, or to boost their ROI by optimizing their operations, or even merely make business decisions based on the market trends, e-commerce websites and merchants need to  now start adopting artificial intelligence and data analytics, as the refined tools, to achieve the desired results through our token sale platform.  Users of our t AI enabled system are able to achieve frictionless transaction and fast transaction processing with our integrated ethereum smart contract.

Unlike standard trading bots, the AI Machine learns trading patterns from human traders can analyze several indicators and monitor market sentiment through analysis of news items and social media. Araw Token Holders can tap into the power of decentralized smart contracts blockchain through Artificial Intelligence, and create a lucrative e-commerce store.

Arawcoin is a blockchain opensource platform not owned by any single individual or company.             Rather, it is a collective effort of all the members of ico blockchain who take part in Arawcoin ICO initial coin offering to pool resources together and utilize our AI Trading Machine to maximize profits. Arawcoin is a decentralized community free from government or corporate control and censorship and which benefit members by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence. All Araw token holders are essentially co-owners of our Arawcoin token sale platform.

Why Araw token

Araw token is a utility token that boost the profit of e-commerce business and trust of customers by enabling a frictionless transactions of assets on our blockchain platform, whilst it at the same time serve as a medium of exchange, currency converter, digital coin counter and a store of value.

You can use Araw token to:

  • Earn free bitcoin which you can exchange with other cryptocurrencies at decentralized bitcoin exchange
  • create your own blockchain engage in bitcoin investment because we give users of our token ability to convert their token to other cryptocurrencies through our best exchange cryptocurrency
  • organize loyalty rewards program to boost customer retention and attract new ones
  • Help your customers find the best deal by exchanging the token value they get from purchasing your product for other products of other participants in our cryptocurrency exchange platform
  • Gain access to bitcoin earning sites
  • Participate or invest in decentralized bitcoin exchange
  • Gain free access to Ethereum trading platform given the token is ERC-20 compliant token.

The list of things you could do with your Araw token is enormous. AI deployed on our crypto trading platform can act as Auto Trading Machine to get you the best deal across our networks. Participate in the Araw blockchain token sale day trading liquidity pool and receive daily payouts to your Araw wallet whenever there are money-making trades.

Smart Tech Interest by staking Araw

Hold Araw token in your Arawcoin wallet (Stake) and receive interest on your coin. Araw AI token permits holders to have influence and stake within the network for use to develop new features and support further development of the platform. The Araw token will support other smart contract systems in the future like those available in decentralized bitcoin exchange. This will include new crypto coins. It is one of the ways to earn bitcoins by platform users.

Shared success

Take part in profit sharing of fees generated by payment gateways and cashiers and earn earn free btc. With ever-increasing numbers of assets that are currently made available online for e-commerce, the most difficult problem encountered by investors is how to keep track of every single item in their store. Through Arawcoin AI, and the public ledger system such hurdles are easily to surmount with the potentials of machine learning.

Leverage Araw AI Prediction and Analysis feature

Arawcoin makes use of a decentralized model where members can decide to pool their resources together to boost their profits and minimize their losses. Users of our platform will be able to apply their own settings to create diverse tolerance levels for risk against reward like becoming free bitcoin earning sites. They can thus; gather useful real-time market data with suggestion supplied by the A.I. powered system.

Through AI system our Araw token can help you to Retarget potential customers

The research conducted by Conversica found that at least 33% of marketing leads are not followed up by the sales team. What this means is that pre-qualified prospective buyers of your product are lost due to not retargeting them. In addition, a number of businesses have loads of customer data that they find difficult to manage or utilize for the growth of their businesses. Such data is an unbelievable goldmine of intelligence that could be utilized to boost the sales cycle.

For instance, in the in-house retail industry, facial recognition is already being used to capture shoplifters through face scan provided by CCTV cameras.

As AI develops, we hope to develop special offers on customer’s computer screens based on their in-store dwell time just like omni-channel retailers are beginning to make progress in their ability to remarket to customers. The data use with artificial intelligence is changing and helping businesses to respond directly to the customer. Artificial intelligence is helping businesses to read the minds of customers.

Araw token identify extraordinary potential customers target

New AI technology equips e-commerce businesses with the well-timed intelligence needed to solve their business challenges like how to generate more leads and boost sales.

Create customer-centric search

The value and power of Artificial Intelligence is growing dramatically every year, and will soon dominate the internet —as well as the economy as a whole. However, AI tools today are fragmented by a closed development environment; most are developed by one company to perform one task, and there is no way to plug two tools together. Arawcoin aims to become the key protocol for networking AI and machine learning tools to form a harmonized Artificial General Intelligence.

To fulfill this, the Arawcoin platform must be powered by a utility token that is customized to allow its main features. The Araw token is designed to make transactions, settlements, incentives, and governance possible for all the business that are connected to our network. Sign up for our ICO if you are looking for where to buy Ethereum based token.

Araw token and the ethereum trading platform

Araw token is best cryptocurrency right now because it is an open-source protocol and compilation of smart contracts for a decentralized market of synchronized AI services. Within this structure, the advantages of AI become a global commons infrastructure that will be beneficial for all. Anyone can access our AI technology or be a stakeholder in the platform’s development.  Members of Arawcoin network can build AI technology or machine learning service on the platform to be used by all in the network, and be compensated with Araw token in exchange. Araw token is one of the best crypto to invest in this year

Blockchain technology offers an ideal tool for managing network transactions on the Araw Token as a result of its transactional and bookkeeping benefits. But a blockchain-based framework ought to be designed to permit AI suppliers to interact with each other and external customers to make it truly the best crypto to invest. This is what you’ll get if you buy ethereum coin of our network.

The Araw token makes transaction possible in the network through the following:


 The Araw network will be able to interface with many blockchains and network infrastructures. The Araw token makes it possible for AI agents and customers looking for best new ico to invest in to transact in a smooth manner irrespective of the underlying technology they utilize.


Flexible network capacities for .coins and tokens crypto make it possible to create custom topologies, AI Agent partnership arrangements, and collapse recovery methods


If you want where to buy ico cryptocurrency, Arawcoin will securely host both private and public contracts; therefore, more scalable and resilient apps can be built on top of it with next to zero transaction costs.

Data autonomy and Privacy

We will be providing with our new ico tokens a user data control and sharing with privacy-enabled control features built on the ico exchange platform and access is confirmed through smart contracts and the blockchain Artificial intelligence and decentralized block chain token.

All these are what we hope to offer. Be part of this project by participating in our ico coin offering by signing up on our token sale platform. Participating in our forthcoming ICO is one of the best ICO to invest in.